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Sunday, October 29, 2000

I was wrong when I said I wouldn't get any advantage out of a 25-hour day. I got up an hour earlier than I normally would have after all, and I spent a lot of time working on payroll taxes and such. It helped that the football games on TV were not particularly interesting. The best games were the ones that were available on the local channels anyway, so for this Sunday the expensive satellite subscription was wasted on me.

The time change did get to me, though. I started wearing down a lot earlier than I thought I should have. And it got dark much too early. I don't see as well at night as I do in the daytime, and some of the forms I had to fill out began to look like a 3-D puzzle. So I gave up for today. I still have two days before most of this stuff is due, and after putting in the time this weekend I'm pretty confident of making the deadline. I always do, but I always worry.

Three weeks of being lazy in the kitchen have caught up with me. I can't keep eating that junk just because it's easier than real food. I'm feeling lumpy and sluggish again, so it's time to get back on the Slim Fast. I know I'll start feeling better in a few days. For now, I feel like a tub of goo.

So, no more binge eating. No more constant snacking. No more empty calories. No more cookies. No more (sob) golden brown toast dripping with butter. (Oh wait, does that mean no more donuts, too? That might be a deal breaker.)

I have been walking a few days a week. Not as far as I used to, because there just isn't any good place nearby to walk. Now that the weather is getting chancy and night is falling earlier, it'll be even harder to get a good walk in often enough to do any good. I hate any kind of stationary workout, like calisthenics or the exercise bike, but that might be my only choice.

I guess I could run up and down the stairs. They're carpeted, so I wouldn't need special shoes. Or any shoes.

We had the most amazing cloudburst just after I posted last night's entry. It sounded as if a gigantic tap had been turned on and was pummeling my roof with a prodigious stream of water. It even disrupted my satellite signal for about five minutes. And then it was over, and the TV came back on. I didn't lose any electrical power, like last week. But the sound was incredible.

I wasn't watching anything, by the way. I was listening to the progressive music channel. Channel 818. "I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock and Roll," by Nick Lowe, was playing when it went off. Which gives you an idea of what they consider progressive music. I don't care what they call it, though; I just like it.

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