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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

When itís as windy as it was today, your senses are heightened. All the colors seem a little brighter, especially the leaves that are blowing straight into your face. Today my skin felt a little more sensitive to everything, which is saying something for a grizzled old codger such as myself. But it was windy.

The weather was a little on the schizophrenic side today anyway. It was so cold early this morning that while I was still in bed I heard the furnace come on. Now, I havenít reset the thermostat since I turned it way, way down months ago when I knew winter was over. The heat hasnít been on since at least April, so I was shocked to hear the whoosh from the vent over my head. Shocked and a bit dismayed, because it stirred up more than a little dust after all this time.

Then came the wind, but it wasnít a cold Arctic wind that cuts through you. It wasnít exactly Santa Ana warm, but the air never felt cold, even when the gusts were blowing straight at me as I walked to the post office this morning. By this afternoon I had the door open next to me as I worked, so I could feel the fresh air. That was after the wind stopped. Otherwise, you know, papers blow all over the place.

And then tonight it got cold again, but thatís part of the season. We can have the warmest of days in October, but at night it cools down quickly, as soon as the sun sets. Schizophrenic weather.

9 September 2006

Writing in the sky.

Naturally, the wind knocked my power out for an hour and a half this afternoon. I should have been expecting it, and would have if Iíd thought that far ahead. I was in the middle of making a copy on my new printer at the time, so I was a little worried about that. It all died at two oíclock, so I grabbed my latest read and curled up in the recliner. What else was I supposed to do?

At three thirty everything roared back to life and I went back to work as if I had planned the break myself. And all the electronic devices, including the new printer, were fine, although it did take me the usual amount of time and consternation to reset all the clocks.

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Would it surprise you to know that I was totally wrong about the phone? I said it had to be the equipment, not the line. But I plugged the old phone into another line and it worked fine. So instead of buying a new phone today, I bought a new line cord. I did still go shopping for a new cordless phone, because the Boss really wants me to spend his money. I went to no less than five different stores (way too many for me) before giving up. Nobody has the kind with the big handset that sits flush in the cradle. They all sit up like meerkats on a rock, peering over the savanna, and theyíre all tiny like cell phones. I want something with some muscle to it, so I came home from my ill-fated shopping spree and ordered one online. A good one, too, since itís not my money Iím spending.

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