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Monday, October 24, 2005

Despite my best intentions, I didnít get any further along on the California ballot today. Monday is my most intense day, now that Iím doing payroll on Mondays. Thatís because Tim has decided that all the paychecks are to be mailed to him. He then distributes them on the following Monday, to make sure his guys show up to work. I guess that makes Monday a little more intense for them, too.

Besides, I had the winter blues today. It was a cold, gray day, the kind of day weíre not supposed to have until December or January. Or even February, in a good year. The few times the sun peeked through, it was just a tease. I had a hard time getting out of bed in the darkness this morning, and I didnít have the steam I should have had all day. Itís a good thing I can do payroll without having to smile. Or think.

Then tonight I had to pay bills. My bills, the personal ones. You know, itís amazing how far behind you can get on your bills, just because you donít open the mail for a couple of weeks. I still resent the bottled water companyís billing cycle. Thereís no grace period; the bill comes, and the due date is a couple of days away. They need to get used to not getting paid on time, if thatís going to be their policy. And yet, they donít seem to mind slapping on a late fee. Go figure.

I think I maneuvered my finances so that when I get paid again next Monday, on the very last day of the month, Iíll have enough to write my rent check. Then all I have to do is wait a week before trying to buy groceries again. I thought this month, with five Monday paydays in it, would turn out a little better than this. Well, at least Iím going to be able to pay it, even if it sucks me dry.

24 October 2005

Dim sunset on a dismal day.

So, to recap: I did my job today. It seemed like the thing to do, on a day when the air was so heavy and the sun so scarce. Iíd get a lot more work done in the winter, if only it didnít get pitch black in the middle of the afternoon. We have less than a week before we set our clocks back an hour, so weíll have to see how well I adjust to the change. If past history is any indication, the answer is: not very well.

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The Astros are complaining that they might have to play their World Series game tomorrow night with the roof of their stadium open. Well, boo hoo. Baseball is an outdoor game, not meant to be played in an auditorium. The roof should be closed if the weather is bad, but otherwise, just play ball. Unless, of course, you need excuses. Itís up to the umpires and the commissionerís office, and Iím sure theyíll do the right thing. For baseball, not just for the Astros.

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