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Sunday, October 16, 2005

I think the weather affects my mood more than I even realized. It was warmer today, and (more importantly) a lot less windy, and I felt a hundred percent better than I did yesterday. I donít think itís a coincidence.

Ordinarily Iíd think my allergies would be the reason I suffered more yesterday than today. Iím used to thinking that on windy days Iím going to be miserable, but Iím not sure thatís as big a factor as I thought. It was something about the stillness of the air that calmed me down, and it didnít have anything to do with how I was breathing.

Of course, my good mood might have been due to the fact that I was doing much better in the football pool this week. (If it hadnít been for the Steelersí collapse, I would have done even better.) And there were a couple of especially exciting baseball games to watch. And I got a little work done, just enough but not too much. And I got my bedroom cleaned out of all the accumulated Amazon boxes from the last year or so. (Floor space! Who knew?)

It definitely didnít have anything to do with getting more sleep, because I didnít. I had another rough night last night, and I got up an hour earlier than I did yesterday morning. With a little luck the sleepless nights will catch up with me just enough that I donít have to toss and turn for too many hours tonight. That would be good, heading into a Monday and all.

16 October 2005

Cloud puffs.

As long as Iím blaming my mood swings on natural phenomena, letís note that my sleepless nights have coincided with a full moon. I donít know if it has anything to do with the tides, although Iíve been getting computer warnings of high surf all weekend. I live far enough inland that Iím not worried about that, but I live far enough away from the city lights that Iím used to it being dark at night. When thereís a full moon, it lights up my bedroom so much I can almost read by it. Iím not saying I sleep any better when itís dark. Or maybe I am.

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Jason Lane hit a home run, but the Astrosí 2-1 win over the Cardinals today was all about the little things that happen in baseball. They scored the winning run in the seventh without benefit of a hit, on two walks, an error and a sacrifice fly. They escaped the ninth by capitalizing on a Cardinal base running mistake and overcoming a lapse of their own that let Larry Walker go from first to third on an infield grounder. With the tying run on first, Brad Lidge induced a remarkable game-ending double play that leaves the Astros up 3-1 in the series... The Angels might think they got the short end of every close call in the ALCS, but they canít deny that they were outplayed in every way by the White Sox. That includes tonightís rain-soaked 6-3 series clincher that featured an astounding fourth straight complete game by White Sox pitchers. The Angels can contemplate their lack of clutch hitting and their fielding mistakes all winter, while the Sox go to their first World Series since 1959.

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