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Saturday, October 16, 2004

The plan was to get some work done today, since I havenít been at full strength all week. I even had a special Saturday to-do list, but I guess it wasnít meant to be. Or maybe I just didnít want it enough, because I didnít really try very hard. As usual, I found more excuses than reasons to keep going.

Tammy was having a garage sale for a friend who is moving, and I told her Iíd drop by and see how they were doing. David was away helping with the move, so Tammy was doing a lot of the work by herself, without much reward. I stayed a little longer than I planned Ė not that I was any help, but when she had to run from one end of the driveway to the other, it was good to have someone to hand the baby off to.

D.J. and Dakota were at their fatherís house today, but somehow the place was still crawling with little boys. A friend and new neighbor of Tammyís, with three boys almost the same ages as hers, was sitting with her and selling a few items. I had no problem trying to help the moms keep track of the kids, although they do it quite well on their own. I think I had a better time than they did.

9 October 2004

Dakota and David (and a zebra) at the zoo last weekend.

But it was a chilly, overcast day, the kind that sits over me like a wet blanket. By the time I got home this afternoon, I was in no mood to work. I just wanted to sit and rest. Besides, there was baseball and NASCAR to keep me occupied. I probably wonít have the chance to wait for a sunny day to get my work done, but since it wasnít going to happen today, Iím glad I could come up with so many good excuses.

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Here in the Bay Area, we get each episode of Jeopardy a day late. Thatís because itís on the same channel as Monday Night Football, which covers the whole time period when Jeopardy could be shown. At least it gives me something to look forward to on Saturday night, when I get to watch the Friday show. (And isnít that a pathetic comment.) But when Ken Jennings finally loses (or retires undefeated), the whole world (including me) will know before I get to see that show. I donít think thereís any way to avoid the bad news for a whole day.

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