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Monday, November 16, 2009

At least when it comes to my own life, Iím not a Big Picture kind of guy. Iíll happily (and silently) devise grand schemes for others to live by, but in my own case, I get too bogged down in details to make any plans beyond whatís in front of my nose. Thatís why I get surprised every so often just because I opened my eyes.

Thatís also how my house gets to be so cluttered. I plod through the daily details and do what I have to do without looking around to see the piles of unopened mail rising around me like prison walls. Then every so often I jerk my head up, suddenly awake, and notice things like that. Things better left unnoticed, at least until Iím prepared to do something about them.

16 November 2009

Overgrown back porch.

So one of these days real soon, when the wind dies down from gale force, Iíll put some effort into finding more space to live in my living space. First, though, Iíll have to put some effort into thinking about where to start, or it will turn out like my garden project. That was the one where I was going to clear out a small area every day, except that when I went out the next day I couldnít tell where Iíd worked the day before.

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