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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

At first when I looked back on this day, I thought of it as upside down. I got up way too early and got too much work done before noon, then slacked off for a couple of hours to catch up on sleep. Thatís not how I usually plan (or execute) my days, and I wondered if I should feel guilty.

But really, it worked out for the best. I got as much work done as I would on an ordinary Wednesday, which is saying something considering this particular Wednesday is the lead-in to a long weekend and therefore rife with slackage opportunity. Plus, I had a much needed nap that gave me a bit of an energy boost going into the evening hours (which I could have used for doing more work instead of increased slackage time, but itís principle weíre talking about here, not the petty details).

Anyway, my point, which is beginning to show some rounded edges what with all the filing away Iíve been doing at the logic of it, is that I didnít take the day ďoff,Ē and I didnít ďoverdo.Ē I had a normal day, except for the timing. And I can only do that because I have a job that allows me to work at home, at my own pace and in my own time. Sometimes I get tricked into working too many hours, but just as often I get more work done in less time, just because of the flexibility.

14 November 2005


For which, by the way, I am grateful. I donít say it enough, but Iím thankful for (a) the fact that I have a job that (just barely) allows me to pay my bills, and (2) the fact that my job has that kind of flexibility (which I take full advantage of, and without which Iíd be the truly miserable person I sometimes portray myself as). Iím grateful for many things in my life, but my job is one item I sometimes forget to put on the list.

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I have to say that Iím impressed with what the Cubs have done so far in this off season. Theyíve signed two solid late-inning relief pitchers, Scott Eyre (away from the Giants, drat) and today Bobby Howry. The way the game is played these days, the set-up guys can be the most important players on your pitching staff. And since the Cubs already have a powerful (if fragile) starting rotation, and a fine closer in Ryan Dempsey, maybe it wonít take many runs for them to win games next season. Which is good, because they were a below average run-scoring team this year, with most of their offense coming from one guy (Derrek Lee). I haven't seen them do anything to address that situation yet.

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