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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Late today it finally dawned on the Boss that the week was almost over, even though itís only Tuesday. I know because he phoned me for the first time since last week, and then the faxes started streaming in. This wasnít how I planned to end the work day, starting a new spreadsheet at 5:30 pm.

The critical mistake I made wasnít doing the job. It was doing the job quickly and faxing it back right away. If Iíd taken a little more time than it actually took me, no one would have been the wiser and I wouldnít have opened myself up for new assignments and further revisions. I should know this tactic by now, as Iíve used it often enough in the past.

I donít usually pretend to be slower (or dumber) than I am, mostly because I donít usually have to. And earlier in the day I did it right. I was dragging around so stupidly all morning that I totally ignored every demand on my time, except for the few little easy things I felt like doing. Itís not that working so late last night left me feeling entitled, but— well, maybe it is that after all.

22 November 2004

Cloud formation.

Anyway, I now have just one day to work before the long weekend, and Iím disappearing until Monday. No one will be able to find me, not the Boss nor the FBI nor the draft board nor the credit card companies trying to get me to sign up for payment protection for a ninety-day free trial. Not even the fine readers of this page, Iím afraid. (But many of you will have no trouble at all figuring out where Iíll be.)

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I think Iím prepared for whatever they throw at me tomorrow. I also have my own agenda, since it will be my last full day at home until Monday. Weíre leaving Friday morning, and I havenít even thought about starting to get ready yet. By now, though, I should be used to not having enough hours in the day.

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