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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Iím thankful for this job that I sometimes hate, and Iím even thankful for the opportunity to do twice as much work for the same rewards as a year ago. But oh, my, what did I get myself into?

The problem, one of many, is that thereís no one who can tell me in clear, understandable terms what Iím supposed to be doing. The instructions Iíve been getting only muddy the waters even more. Sometimes I can understand just enough to ask another question, which generates another incomprehensible answer. This cycle is starting to get a smidge vicious.

So I spent the last day before the long weekend going round and round over matters Iíve never had to deal with before, like real estate taxes and laundry supplies, electrical rates and lease agreement percentages. This is almost the end of our first month at The Kennel, and Iím all dizzy and stuff.

Iím fine as long as someone tells me exactly what to do. When they assume I know more than I do is when I start to get lost, and the deeper I get the harder it is to hack my way out. I find myself looking forward to six months from now, when Iíll either have a handle on all this or Iíll be living in a home dribbling soup down my chin. I hate wishing away the present for an uncertain future, but I canít help it, just a little.

24 November 2004

Art by D.J.

I am also supremely grateful for my family, and for the three small children who will make this holiday season a little more vivid. I wonít be caught wishing away these wonderful days of innocence, when a five-year-old can ask me if he can borrow my garbage can, because ďitís the same size as me.Ē He even instructed me to bring it over to his house Friday. I have no idea what heís planning, but this is the third time heís asked me about it.

Having a kindergartener in the family has also changed the way my walls are decorated. I didnít have a turkey hanging above my desk last Thanksgiving. (And would someone point that poor scarecrow toward the bathroom? He obviously has an urgent need.)

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I keep forgetting that I donít have to get up tomorrow morning. I donít think Iíll have any trouble sleeping in when the time comes, though. (For which Iím thankful.)

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