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Friday, November 29, 2002

I didn't try very hard today. I didn't try to get up early. I didn't try to get any work done. I didn't try to go shopping. I didn't even try to move around much. I did try to get by with the least possible effort, and in that attempt I believe I succeeded.

Other people can get out of bed with the sun and pull on their sweats and run ten miles before breakfast. Many people were working when I went to the post office this morning— including postal workers, come to think of it. When I heard that some stores were opening at five in the morning, I couldn't help giving thanks once again that I no longer work in retail. Everybody except two or three of us (and we know who we are) was at the mall at some point in the day, or possibly all day long.

Not me. I watched TV, read and... well, that's pretty much it. I didn't even eat much, but that was just a way of bringing down my average daily consumption for the week. I gave my stomach a bit of a breather (not that it seemed to appreciate the gesture, snarling back at me the way it did).

Although I was in no mood to go out in the cold tonight, I had these tickets, and Mom was waiting for me to pick her up, and... well... let's face it, I'm a big ol' sap and I love "Annie." It was the Santa Rosa JC Theatre Art Department's opening night for this show, and they really put their hearts into it. I'm so glad we went.

You know, I'm not a natural optimist, but I work hard at dragging myself in that direction. And I'm pretty easily manipulated, especially by little girls singing with great enthusiasm about sticking out their chins and grinning. Those gray and lonely skies don't stand a chance, and neither do I.

The kids in this show were a delight, but you have to have a hilariously despicable Miss Hannigan to make "Annie" work. Bryn Harris was just terrific. I'd go see the play again just to watch her chase those orphans around the stage. Everyone involved should be proud, and anyone here in town should try to see it, especially if you, too, need your spirits lifted.


Looking over the fence at the sunset.

Tomorrow I have to try to take the energy from the show tonight and get the season rolling. I'm not the least bit grinchy when it comes to the holidays, but every year I seem to need a little kick-start. My mood when I got home tonight was a lot better than when I left the house. I do believe some decorating is in order, and right away, too.

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