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Thursday, November 28, 2002

As I drove home from Thanksgiving dinner at Suzanne's house tonight, I was wondering why I felt so overly full. I only had one helping of everything, and nothing was really heavy. They were pretty big helpings, and I didn't leave anything on my plate because it was all so good. But I don't think that was the problem.

It probably wasn't necessary for me to eat two desserts, but nobody else wanted to try the pumpkin pie. It was a little soft in the middle and a lot of experimentation went on, trying to make it firmer. It was in and out of the oven and the refrigerator more than once, and even then it had a little brown lake in the middle. (Mmm, that does sound good. Makes me wonder why I didn't have seconds.)

After pie, there was lemon cake. I'm pretty sure I only had one piece, though. I can't say the same about how many glasses of wine I drank. More than one, less than five, but strung out over the whole afternoon and evening. Right up until time for Kahlua and coffee.

When I lay it all out like that, it sounds as if I was eating and drinking all day long. Hmm, maybe that's why I could hardly waddle out to the car. I couldn't eat (and drink) like this every day, even if I wanted to. And I wouldn't want to, unless I had such good company as I had today.

It was just the family most of the time, with friends dropping by from time to time, exactly the way a holiday should be celebrated. I never laugh as much as when I'm with this special group of people. It's the shared history, and it's the fact that we've grown up and grown older together. If I could have this good feeling every day, I wouldn't care how much I ate and drank.

I might care tomorrow morning, though.


Last night's sunset, for which I'm also thankful.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, a recognition of how lucky we are and how much joy we have in our lives. Some of us are luckier than others, and for some it's hard to feel gratitude because life is too much of a struggle. The hard parts only make the good parts that much sweeter, though. If we have to dig deeper to find a little joy, we appreciate it all the more.

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