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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Itís possible that, since Iíve been on this diet, Iíve actually been eating too much. Not too well; I donít believe in that. I think what Iíve eaten has been perfectly fine, but the quantity is way more than Iím used to. I never ate breakfast before, except late in the morning, as a substitute for lunch, which I truly never ate. Now I eat plenty for both meals, then a big old dinner, and later on I have dessert. It might just be too much.

The problems I had today, though, had nothing to do with what Iíve been eating, except for the fact that I had no appetite and therefore couldnít keep up with the program. But I went to Aidenís baseball game at noon, and I got all this lousy fresh air, and then when I got home I could hardly breathe, and the sinus drainage into my throat and beyond upset my stomach to a degree that I thought I was going to be radically sick.

5 May 2009

Clouds ducking behind the grove.

Instead of letting myself get sick, I spent the rest of the day stretched out in the recliner, mostly sleeping but sometimes just lying there holding my stomach. By this evening I was feeling a little better. I had a sandwich, and thatís all. I think Iíll be better tomorrow, but I donít think Iíll eat as much at our Mothersí Day dinner as I would have if today hadnít happened.

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Dodgers 8, Giants 0. The Giants were so bad today that most of their base runners came from Dodger mistakes. If their pitching could have contained Juan Pierre, filling in for the disgraced dreadlocked one, they might have had a chance. But no, probably not. There was no way they were going to win on a day when they could only come up with four hits, even if two of them were doubles.

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