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Monday, May 6, 2009

Sometimes lately it feels as if Iím spending my whole life in the kitchen. That canít be right, though, because I worked (and I mean worked) until 7:30 tonight. And I still didnít finish everything I wanted to do, but eventually, if youíre going to have stir fry, you have to start pressing the tofu. (No, thatís not a euphemism.)

The sun made an appearance today, and the three-day forecast seems to be saying that the rain is over for now. The news also says that all this rain weíve had will do nothing to keep us out of drought conditions this summer. All in all, then, Iíd sooner forgo the rain. I know Iíve had enough of it for one May.

While I was watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button tonight, I thought it might have been nice to see it (or any movie, really) in a theater. Then I remembered what movie houses are like these days, with people chattering as if theyíre in their living rooms, and large people plopping down in front of me. Itís not worth it, especially if I were going to a picture by myself. A shared experience is fine, but only if you share it. If Iím going to watch alone, I might as well do it at home where no one ever sits in front of me, and I can lie back and put my feet up.

By the way, I didnít expect to like this movie as much as I did. I thought it would be gimmicky, but it actually has something to say about time (a recurrent theme here) and making the most of the moment before it slips away. But yes, it says all this in a gimmicky way. It probably deserved all the technical awards it won, but no more than that, unless the beautiful, haunting musical score were to be honored.

5 May 2009

Clouds riding clouds.

Tonightís stir fry was Red Vegetable Curry. Itís called that even though itís the curry thatís red, not the vegetables. Unless ďcurryĒ is a term for vegetables cooked in curry paste. Anyway, Iíve never cooked with curry before, and never eaten it since I can remember. It turned out to be something else I liked more than I expected to. Itís one of the last recipes from the book that I hadnít tried yet. My four week trial ended Sunday, and Iím still on the diet, so there must be something to it. It works for me, at least, so far.

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Rockies 11, Giants 1. Any team that can make the Rockies look that good probably has some soul searching to do. In their last three games against them, the Giants have scored one run in each, and still managed to win one of the three. Tonight Randy Johnson would have needed twelve runs, so it didnít much matter that he was serving it up to the Rockies hitters. The Giants werenít going to win even if heíd held them to two.

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