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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Someone is messing with me. I say that because every time I think the worst has happened, it turns out to be more or less okay. All I have to do is wait. Time passes and Iím off one crisis and moving inexorably toward the next one. Youíd think, after all these years, Iíd learn. I should just take things as they come and know that it will all be different (better, or worse, but different) in the blink of an eye. But Iím not wired to think that way.

This time it was the wrist. Again. Last night I was in so much pain that I wore the wrist brace to bed. All I wanted was to immobilize the wrist as much as possible, so that I wouldnít accidentally twist it in the night. Even so, I couldnít find a comfortable position, because the pain kept showing up in my elbow, and then in my shoulder, depending on how I was trying to arrange the aching limb. I didnít sleep well, and the wrist felt only a little better when I got up this morning.

Then, only a few hours into my day, everything was fine again. I couldnít feel the pain that had kept me awake in the night, and I could do things without hurting, the same things I couldnít even contemplate yesterday. Last night I couldnít do anything that took two hands, which made chopping vegetables an adventure all its own. Today the only thing holding me back is the memory of what I went through such a short time ago. But after a difficult start, Iím having a pretty much normal Sunday. And thank goodness for that.

3 May 2009

The rain overnight filled the birdbath to the brim.

I donít know if this is a complaint that I keep getting things to complain about, or a sigh of relief that I keep getting relieved of my complaints. Maybe itís just a reminder to myself not to take todayís problem too seriously, because by tomorrow either (a) it will be better, or (2) there will be something worse. Lifeís funny that way.

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Giants 1, Rockies 0, 10 innings. When a Giants starter has a bad day, as Matt Cain did yesterday, he has no shot at a win, because the team doesnít have enough offense to make up for it. When a Giants starter has a great day, as Barry Zito did today (another seven-inning shutout performance), heís still at the mercy of those soft, tiny bats his teammates wave around ineffectually. Most teams can score a run from third base with less than two outs once in awhile. With the Giants, you know the guyís going to be stranded, even with the heart of the order up after him. Why even give up an out to move a runner up if the result is always the same? Insanity! Two non-starters and a little-used catcher combined for the run in tenth. Rich Auriliaís single, following Randy Winnís sacrifice (his best at bat in two days), drove in Steve Holm with the only run, which makes it the winning run.

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