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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

With the June California primary election getting closer and closer, Iíve been trying to get a reading on what like-minded people are thinking. My ballot has the names of so many good candidates, all running against each other, that Iím much more torn than usual. On one hand, no matter who wins, weíre going to elect someone who will do a good job (by which I mean they will do the job in a way I approve). On the other hand, maybe thereís a shade of difference Iím missing. History often hinges on such subtleties.

Soon I will have to mail my ballot, but Iím not ready yet. I could mark it almost blindly and be okay with it, but Iíd like to think I take my voting rights a little more seriously than that. So Iím asking people, and doing wide ranging web searches, and actually reading all of the campaign mailers that come my way. I havenít been answering the phone to electioneers, but if they leave a message, Iím willing to listen.

The best Iíve been able to do so far is eliminate a few of the contenders (like the early rounds of American Idol, I guess). One supervisorial candidate let it be known that he thought one of his opponents should drop out because some of her contributors might then give more money to candidates in other districts. How about that for arrogance? So Iím getting closer to being ready to vote, but Iím not there yet. The election is a week from next Tuesday, so itís getting a little more urgent every day.

19 May 2008

Streaking clouds.

Often in the past Iíve been able to check out the endorsements of the candidates and issues and see who, among the people I know and respect, is in favor of what. Itís a little harder this time, because all the candidates for supervisor and all the candidates for state senate have been endorsed by various and sundry environmental groups, labor unions and progressive activists. Two people who oppose each other in one race both claim on their web sites to have the support of my Congresswoman, Lynn Woolsey. I have mixed feelings about what that might mean.

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