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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Somehow tonight I found myself doing too many things at one time. Part of it was the late arrival of the time cards (yes, that old story), which forced me to spend the evening hours doing payroll (a task I managed to drag out until nearly 11:00 pm). The Giants game and the Celtics game started at the same time (thank goodness for picture-in-picture), and they both overlapped the start of American Idol (thank goodness for my DVR). All of this was happening during the finishing touches of the latest version of my California Dreaminí Southwestern Soup (red bell peppers were an okay addition, but not really needed).

It seems there were other things going on, too, but Iíve misplaced them somewhere in the back of my mind. I know that I was so inspired by getting a haircut earlier in the day that I took time out this afternoon to mow down about half the yard. It was a workout and a half (added to the 25 minutes I did on the treadmill this morning), but everything looks better. Well, the yard looks better. My shorn head will look better in about two weeks, after a bit of growth.

19 May 2008

On patrol.

Wow. I should be even more exhausted than I am. Iím not a young man any more, and Iím still carrying a few pounds more than a person of my height should. (No, Iím definitely not big boned.) Add to all this activity the fact that I woke up when the water guy made his delivery this morning, about an hour earlier than I had to get up (and about three hours earlier than I wanted to get up), and itís kind of a miracle Iím still able to sit upright and write about it.

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