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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I was going to complain again tonight, but I just canít. There are reasons I should feel bad again today. The weather, for one. It was cold and gray all day, and a light, misting rain started falling in the afternoon. I didnít even walk out in it to get my mail. And work, thereís always work if I need something to complain about. This was one of those days when everything happens at once.

But mostly Iím kind of reeling from a bad night and felt for most of the day as if I had every right to moan and groan again. Moan and groan I did, but I just canít do it with much conviction tonight. Iíve had the kind of support from family and friends that I was probably asking for, if only subconsciously. And Iíve turned myself around a bit, too. Iím working on the attitude, and Iím getting better at it. Must be all the practice.

5 May 2005

Looking for some blue.

Whatever it was that woke me up too early this morning and kept me in the bathroom or on my back during so much of the day, I canít let it keep me down for another day. I have things to do, and they canít wait. So Iím trying to take care of myself, and I absolutely plan to wake up tomorrow morning and plunge into the day, freestyle. One day wasted floating is quite enough.

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Iím not sure what approach pitchers should take in a hitterís paradise like Coors Field, but Iím pretty sure it doesnít involve putting a lot of guys at the bottom of the lineup on base through walks and errors and then giving up a bunch of home runs. That seemed to be the game plan for the Giants tonight in Denver, and the result was a predictable 9-4 loss to the Rockies.

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