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Tuesday, March 26, 2002

The second day of my diet might turn out to be the hardest, because this was when I could have forgotten I was on one. I was eating everything in sight for so long that I caught myself often today heading for the kitchen, even though I wasn't hungry. I might need some kind of reminder. I'm thinking electroshock, but maybe a skull and crossbones on the refrigerator would do just as well. Running out of Bad Food will also help.

The early results are promising. I had much more energy today than I've had for awhile. It couldn't be the effects of my new eating regime after only one day. It has to be the new attitude. And that's all I want out of this really, a feeling that I'm comfortable with my body. Looks, pfah! Who ever sees me anyway? I just don't like it when lumpy parts of me roll off to one side or the other every time I move. That feels gross.

Another part of feeling better could be that I was a little less pressured by the job today. The Boss faxed his latest list of pointless questions to me last night. That helped me get used to the idea that I was going to have to answer them this morning. If he'd waited and hit me with them first thing, I'd have spent the whole day stewing over them. It's stupid, but it's what I do. Mostly he left me alone today, and that was the break I needed.

So I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow, but I won't be buying any donuts or cookies. I'm out of prunes and yogurt. Those are my big indulgences now, but they're strictly rationed. I don't know how long this will last. I'm like an egg-sucking dog. Once I get the taste, you might have to shoot me to stop me from stuffing my face at every opportunity. For now I'll take it one day at a time.

I almost ran out of excuses not to work in the yard today. It was warm and sunny, but the wind whipped up in the afternoon, and what with my allergies and all, well, uh... maybe tomorrow.

oak leaves

This is the same shot as yesterday's photo, but at about one in the afternoon.

In case you haven't been following Mariś lately, Cornelio is cheating on Grecia with Emiliano's mother (I've forgotten her name), and together they're plotting to kill Alejandro (Emiliano's father) and, of course, Emiliano himself, because Cornelio blames him for the death of his daughter Coralia (who, as you recall, was married to Emiliano at the time). This scheme is hard to carry out because, as police commissioner, Emiliano is holding Cornelio in jail because Cornelio kidnapped the children of Emiliano and Coralia after Coralia died. So today Grecia came to Emiliano asking him to release Cornelio, not knowing that Cornelio is cheating on her with Emiliano's mother (I wish I could remember her name).

This is a little hard for me to follow, because it's from Venezuela and the accents are different from the Mexican accents I'm used to. Plus, the channel that carries the show recently dropped closed-captioning, which means I don't have the advantage of seeing the words on the screen, pausing every so often, and looking them up in my Spanish-English dictionary. I'd probably stop watching it, but I want to make sure that Emiliano doesn't marry the beautiful but conniving Ambar, since he's really in love with Marķa Eugenia. (That's why he adopted her son, Juan de Dios, not knowing that Juan de Dios is not really her son, but a boy from the neighborhood that she rescued from abusive parents. Well, an abusive mother, really, because his father was Marķa Eugenia's lover before Emiliano arrested him for the murder of Coralia. Which, of course, he didn't commit, but he escaped from jail and is now on the run.)

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