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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This would have been a good day to be a ditch digger. I use that profession as an example mainly because I picture it as a job where maybe you donít get interrupted by phone calls all day long. Who knows, maybe rocket scientists donít have to listen to the phone ringing incessantly either, but I think ditch diggers are more likely to experience that kind of serenity.

Apparently (and I say that even though I know it to be true), we once looked at the plans for a big job that was bidding today. That meant that every other contractor who looked at those plans wanted to contact us, to see whether we wanted to work with them or compete against them to get the job. We actually pulled out of that job weeks ago, shortly after the Boss took a look at the plans and decided it wasnít a good fit for us. Nevertheless, the phone rang off the hook (well, no, I left it on the hook, mostly) all day long.

2 June 2009

Bird in the driveway.

It started before I even got out of bed this morning. There were six calls before 9:00 am, and although I was up, I wasnít at-íem yet. For the ones who left messages, I passed their numbers on to the Boss. Some of those called again, because I guess he didnít bother to call and let them know to bark up some other tree. The bid opening must have been at 2:00 pm, because thatís when those calls stopped, and the usual annoying calls from banks and insurance companies started taking over. Such a fun day.

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