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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thank goodness the election is over. Iím not talking about the endless march toward the Democratic presidential nomination, which is indeed over, although some people arenít ready to admit it. I mean the local elections, and the state primary. It already seems that some politicians are always running for office instead of governing, but two state primaries during one election cycle? Ridiculous.

My reason to be glad itís over is strictly personal. Iím so very tired of the endless stream of recorded phone calls from candidates and their supporters. I have enough trouble getting anything done, with the phone ringing all day long. I have to get up out of the computer chair, find my phone, check the Caller ID, and then (after ignoring the call) try to find my place again. Itís got me thinking of upgrading my phone service, so that I can block those unknown numbers altogether. Iíd do that if it was my own phone, but since itís the business line (and paid for by the company), I just have to live with things the way they are.

The election has also been keeping my mailbox crammed with useless paper in wasteful quantities. Yesterday, the day before, I got no less than ten pieces of election-related mail — and this was for an election with only three contested races. And I voted a week ago, by mail, so none of this does any good, even if I choose to read it.

No less than seven of these pieces of junk mail dealt with one particular candidate, four in favor and three against him. This one guy has been the subject of at least half the mail Iíve received in the last two weeks. The fact that heís obviously such a polarizing figure didnít keep me from voting for him for the nomination (although I didnít), and it wonít keep me from voting for him in the general election in November (but I wonít have to, since my guy won).

1 June 2008

Cloud skull.

Itís not over, of course. Itís never over, and there will be a runoff in November for the most interesting local race (county supervisor, where my candidate came in second out of eight and will be in the runoff). And weíll have to get motivated to support our presidential candidate, if only so the other guy doesnít get elected. I can only vote for someone for president if I trust their decisions when it comes to Supreme Court vacancies. There are no other issues that a president has enough control over that would trump that one. If I think a candidate would have nominated Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Iíll vote for that candidate. If I think he (letís just say ďhe,Ē at least until 2012) would have nominated Antonin Scalia, I wonít. Simple as that.

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