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Sunday, June 1, 2008

From Aiden’s point of view, I think his birthday party today was divided into two parts. He was in the jump house when I got there, and stayed in it for most of the first half of the party. The second half of the party was the opening and inspection of presents, and it took a long time because he has so many friends and they were all, uh, present (David thinks more than 50 people were there at one time). There was a brief period of candle blowing and cake eating between the two halves.

His day actually started long before the party, and I think the highlight must have been his trip, with several friends around his age, to the fire station, where they wore red fire hats and sat in the fire engine and sprayed the giant fire hoses. Judging from the pictures I saw and the stories I heard, that must have been great fun.

Through the party, Aiden was the most gracious birthday boy you could imagine. He gave frequent and random and very sweet hugs, even before presents were, uh, presented. He did, as you’d expect, tear through the mountain of packages without pausing, except to deliver a shy “thank you” for each one. It was a bit overwhelming to the spectators in the gallery, so I can only imagine how a four-year-old (even a four-year-old superstar) would feel in the center of it all. He rose to the occasion, though, as he always does.

1 June 2008

Aiden on his birthday. (Click photo for more.)

It was a great party, although I got so frustrated with my camera that I lost some of the party spirit for awhile. I tried to find a quiet corner to sulk in, but there were so many people there having such a good time that I couldn’t manage it for long. That’s probably for the best. I was home by 7:00 pm. By 8:00, I’d been asleep for nearly an hour. That’s because, despite my optimism, last night was just like every other night lately.

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