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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

You know, I could have written an entry yesterday, except for a couple of things. For one, all I did was work and work and work, without stopping (even to eat) until almost 9:30 last night. And for another, all that work made my wrist flare up so badly that I didn’t feel like typing. (And if I did write last night, it would have been about how hard I worked and how much I hurt.)

The reason I had so much work that had to get done yesterday was that the state of California finally paid us for a job we did for them in April. A lot of people have been waiting a long time to get paid, and I’d accumulated a heavy pile of invoices, which by the end of the night had turned into a thick pile of envelopes. It’s good to see invoices turn into envelopes, but the cost was pretty high. By the time I quit for the night, I was ready for ice. And drugs.

I might have finished earlier than 9:30 if people could take a hint. The Boss found out we got that payment in, and instead of backing off and letting me pay our bills, he phoned and said something like, “I hear we got the payment.”

“Yeah,” sez I, “more work for me.” (Hint, hint.) He said something about a double-edge sword or a two-sided coin (like there’s any other kind), and I said, “By the way, where are those cost breakdowns you promised me on the new jobs?”

Stopped him cold. Ha! He told me that just before he phoned, he’d managed to clear his desk of everything that had come up, and he was ready to move on to the work he’d planned to do today in the first place. “I’ll stop and do your breakdowns right now,” he said. And did. And didn’t call me again.

Today wasn’t much better, but any better is good. The Boss left me alone, and Tim has gone out of town on a job, so I probably won’t be hearing from him for a few days. Good news, unless I have to track him down for next week’s time cards.

2 June 2006

Red clouds.

I didn’t see Aiden today, but I did get a phone call from him. “Hi, Uncle Mike. I got a shot. I didn’t cry. Come and visit tomorrow.” Some of that was prompted by his mom. The “tomorrow” he added on his own initiative. He’s an excessively healthy two-year-old, by the way, who now weighs in at 25 pounds.

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If the Giants hadn’t hit into three rally-killing double plays early in the game, they wouldn’t have had to worry about wasting 14 hits and a great start by Matt Morris and nearly squandering a 5-0 lead in the ninth inning. The difference between winning and losing was a highly questionable (okay, really bad) call by an umpire on what would have been a bases-clearing double by Mark Teixeira, and was instead just a foul ball. Randy Winn had four hits, Mark Sweeney three more, and the Giants escaped with a 5-3 win over the Rangers.

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