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Friday, June 16, 2006

Wow. I probably wished too hard for summer weather, because we got the hottest day of the year today, nearly 100ļF. (I saw three separate reports listing the high temperature at 99, 98 and 97. Take your pick. Itís all the same to me.)

But I will not complain. How would I dare, after moaning about how much I wanted it to warm up? Itís hard to work up enough energy to do anything in this kind of heat, especially for a fat old guy like me, but Iím not going to complain about that. I kind of wish it had eased into this much heat, but itís too late to wish for that. I already wished for the other thing.

Still, I got through my day and got some work done, and then the family got together to celebrate Fatherís Day. Itís not Fatherís Day, of course; thatís coming up Sunday. But weíll be scattered to the four winds (ooh, a breeze; four of them, even), so we gathered at Tammy and Davidís house tonight, for cake and also to acknowledge the paternal figures amongst us. That would be John and David, I guess. At least, theyíre the only ones who got presents.

Aiden took charge, as he always does, handing out gifts and insisting that they be opened as quickly and ruthlessly as possible. If he sees youíre slacking off, heíll give you a hand. ďOpen it, Grandpa!Ē And then, ďOpen it, Daddy!Ē So we could move on to the next one, I guess. He must have known what he was talking about, because as soon as presents were done, I heard him say, ďI want cake.Ē

As usual, Kylie observed it all serenely from her daddyís lap. I even heard her giggle once, so I know she was having fun. D.J. and Dakota were around, in and out of the bedlam and causing their fair share of it. A good time was had by all, until the little people started to wear out. And even then, not so bad.

16 June 2006

Aiden amidst the chaos.

As you can see, Aiden thought it was all great fun. In the photo, he has spotted the camera and decided that the best way to be sure he was smiling was to force a big belly laugh. He kept laughing louder and louder until I stopped taking pictures, and then he went back about his business. (His T-shirt says, "My Dad Rocks.")

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After a rocky start in which the Mariners scored five runs in three innings off starter Noah Lowry, the Giants settled down and fought their way back into tonightís interleague opener. They scored four runs of their own, on home runs by Barry Bonds, Steve Finley and Randy Winn, but they couldnít get any closer, and the 5-4 Mariner win ended with a strikeout of Bonds by the hard throwing closer J.J. Putz. All of the Mariners pitchers were impressive with their fast balls, and the power-against-power game is fun to watch, even when my team ends up on the short end. The Mariners walked Bonds twice, but they also struck him out twice, and the massive home run in the second was the only ball he hit fair all day I give them credit for pitching to him. A lot of major league managers could take a lesson from Mike Hargrove.

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