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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I have a plan now. Itís good to have a plan, because then you can hold yourself accountable for sticking to the plan. Since this is a plan for landscape maintenance, weíll just have to see how far I go with it. But a plan is a plan, whether you actually implement it or not.

This is a new plan, because the old plan wasnít working. The old plan was to do as much mowing as I could during the weekend, and then either pull weeds by hand or use the cordless trimmer during the week. The flaw in this plan was that I couldnít do enough mowing at one time. Two days a week wasnít going to be enough time to push the mower all the way through the big back yard. Ever.

Besides, there was always some reason I couldnít take time to mow on Saturday. Or if I could do it Saturday, I couldnít do it Sunday. So here I am mowing a tiny patch of weeds every weekend, while in the meantime the rest of the yard was growing back.

It was a losing battle with no victory in sight. Probably the president knows how I was feeling.

The new plan incorporates elements of the old plan, but the weekday routine is different. This reflects the fact that I was pretty much bailing on doing anything during the week anyway. So far Iíve stuck to the new plan for two whole days in a row, so Iím guardedly optimistic. Yesterday and today Iíve used the mower to go over small patches, mostly areas that have been previously mowed. I think that if I donít try to overdo it at any one time, Iíll be more likely to stick with it.

13 June 2005

I'd rather point the camera up than down.

I still have about half of the big back yard that hasnít been touched since last August. Thatís a lot of growing, and with the weather weíre having, itís also a lot of drying out. Itís all golden brown now, and itís nearly over my head. Thatís the part Iím saving for the weekend. I just donít know if there are enough weekends left in me to get to it all.

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When Jason Schmidt beat the free-swinging Tigers a week ago, the win was met with reservations from some corners. He doesnít have his old velocity, some said. Fans wanted to say ďheís back,Ē and the manager actually did say it, but itís been a disappointing season for the Giants ace. Well, guess what. Heís back. He did the same thing to the more disciplined Diamondbacks tonight, shutting them out for eight innings on the way to a 4-0 Giants win. (On a side note, I was happy to hear the fans booing the manager when he came out to remove Schmidt in the top of the ninth, although I have to admit the stalwarts in the Giants bullpen, Scott Eyre and Tyler Walker, were spectacular in relief. Itís just that Felipe Alou and I have issues when it comes to handling a pitching staff. And I think the results so far have proven that Iím right and heís wrong.)

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