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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Okay, now I feel terrible. That just goes to show me that I should never judge people harshly. I almost never do, but when I do itís almost always a mistake. Iíll never fail to give someone the benefit of the doubt again, especially someone I had no real reason to doubt in the first place.

Late last night (not ďlateĒ late, but well after dark on the next-to-longest day of the year, so pretty late), there was a knock on my door. For some reason my blinds were still open, so I peeked out and there was a young woman standing there. When I opened the door, she said, ďIím here with my brother. Weíve come to get the truck.Ē

And do you know what I said? I said, ďFinally!Ē Because my former gardenerís pickup has been in my driveway for about five months, half-blocking any easy entrance to my garage. Iíve been backing around it and cursing at it all this time. A few weeks ago, my landlord said he was going to take care of it, but nothing has happened since then.

ďYeah,Ē the young woman said, ďIím sorry. My dad was in a bad car accident and weíve been so busy with him that no one has had a chance to come and get the truck.Ē

I felt about an inch tall. I told her I hoped he was okay (he is, now) and I thanked her for coming to get the truck, and she thanked me for my patience (not having heard the curses every time I backed out of the garage).

I should have known better. Iím not that way. Iím the most forgiving, open-minded person (and open-hearted) person I know. (Well, thatís a lie, but Iím in the top ten.) I donít judge people and I donít jump to mean-spirited conclusions. Thatís why the one time I did go over to the dark side, it hurts so much. But I wonít make that mistake again.

6 June 2005

Cloud dragon.

Now, I donít want you to read too much into this, but itís 24 hours later and the truck is still there. After they spent half an hour getting it running last night, she knocked on my door again and said they were going to get gas so they could make it home. Well, you know, theyíre still out getting gas, I guess. I left the outside light on until after 11 pm last night, and Iíll probably do the same tonight, just in case. I have no doubt that if they donít make it back here tonight, theyíll come for the truck tomorrow. Or the day after that.

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For most of this season so far, a 6-4 loss to a team like the Diamondbacks would have been taken in stride. The Giants were going out every day trying to avoid another loss, and often falling short. Now that they have shown signs of life and the division race is tightening up, the Giants are taking the field expecting to win. Thatís why they didnít give up when they fell behind, and itís why the fans stayed until the last out. On the other hand, this one turned out to be just another loss, so weíll hold off on the parade for a while. But we wonít be holding a funeral, either. After all, the season isnít even half over yet.

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