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Friday, June 25, 2004

If I were to write about my day, or even my whole week, all you'd hear about is how dog tired I've been. Bone tired. Dog bone tired, that's me. Woof. It started with trying to give up caffeine, and I'm now at the point where I can't stay awake when I'm supposed to be awake, and I can't sleep when I'm supposed to be asleep. That combination kind of wears a person out, y'know?

So I've been vamping here all week, putting off writing anything that says anything about anything. That's how you get an entry about tax refunds and corn meal. What's that all about? And here I am vamping again.

On top of everything else it's summertime hot here all of a sudden. Don't mistake that for a complaint. I like the hot weather, but it tends to slow me down. I've already been running so slow that I've nearly stopped. The only speed slower than that is reverse. That's what it feels like some of the time lately, that I'm backing up into myself.

Naturally, I'm totally overcommitted for the weekend coming up. Most of the time I can plan my weekend without a calendar. Saturday: sleep late, lie around the rest of the day. Sunday: sleep late, lie around the rest of the day. In between all that frenzied activity, I might do a little work. Or not. More likely, I'll think about it and decide anything I could have done that day could be put off for another day.

Not so much this weekend, though. I promised Julie I'd be "available" off and on most of the weekend. That's because she has a meeting scheduled for Monday, and there's a lot of typing to do to get ready for it. I made that promise before Eric asked me to go to the Giants-A's game in Oakland tomorrow. I'm not going to turn that chance down, because it might be the only time I see the Giants play in person all season.

So tomorrow promises a lot of riding (probably driving), and a late return to a fistful of faxes that will keep me going all day Sunday. It's a fair trade-off, especially since my energy and attention levels have been so low all week that I've been sleeping more than working. And not sleeping all that much either.

19 June 2004

Most of the rest of the family is out of town, including Aiden.

I really don't mind working all day Sunday, except for the fact that I'll have to do it with the TiVo remote in my hand, because the final game of the Giants-A's series is on at the same time as the big stock car race from over there in Sonoma. You know, right over there. You can smell the fumes from here.

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After an emotional series like the one that just ended with the Giants sweeping the Dodgers, some teams might have an emotional letdown. Two things happened tonight in Oakland that kept this from happening to the Giants, though. First, they had their ace starter, Jason Schmidt, pitching, and they always play better behind a great pitcher. And second, the Athletics didn't seem to be ready to play. Some shabby defense in the first inning let the Giants get off to a 5-0 start, and they went on to win, 6-4. The A's had all the late-game momentum that could carry over through the next two games, though.

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