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Sunday, June 2, 2002

I was going to start with something like, "You can tell by the way a person spends a lazy Sunday what his priorities are." But I don't know if that's true. How would I know something like that? I only know that you can probably tell by the way I spent my day today that I like movies and baseball a whole lot more than working in the yard.

TiVo had recorded something for me called Forever Lulu, with Melanie Griffith and Patrick Swayze, which might not sound all that promising on the surface, but I watched it anyway and liked it a lot. TV Guide only gave it one star, which might explain why I'd never heard of it before. Maybe I'm the only person who's ever seen it that didn't work on it or isn't a network programmer.

Anyway, even if other people saw that movie, it doesn't seem that anyone else liked it. Maybe it wasn't as good as I thought. Maybe it was just better than getting my clothes and skin full of stickers as I waded through the weeds. I know I'm going to have to get back out in the yard, but I'm still itching and scratching from yesterday.

So I was in a good mood even before the Giants took on the Rockies tonight on Sunday Night Baseball. Usually when my team is on a national telecast, I turn the sound down and listen to the home announcers on the radio. But the ESPN guys are Jon Miller, who is the Giants' Big Kahuna, and Joe Morgan, a former Giants player and broadcaster.

So I watched and listened to them as they described the big win by the home team. If I started in a good mood, I finished in a better one, especially after Barry Bonds hit career home run number 586. That ties him for fourth in the long history of major league baseball, with the great Frank Robinson. Robinson has been number four since 1973, and he's not thrilled that he'll soon be number five. That's the kind of competitive spirit that made him such a fierce player in his day (and makes him a good manager now).

(If I say that the game ended just as the Tony Awards show was starting, you'll know how I spent the next three hours.)

I was a little at a loss today because I don't have anything from Netflix. I mailed Lantana back yesterday, and nothing else has come in yet. I'm seriously thinking of upgrading my subscription so I can have more DVDs out at one time. It's that kind of thinking that has me still driving a creaky 1988 Honda, but as I said up at the top. Priorities.


That's a goldfinch in the birdbath. I swear.

I also put in some time working today, getting a head start on Monday's to-do list. That's what I tell myself today. Some time later in the week, it'll be a different story. Then I'll be telling myself that I worked all day Sunday, so I should cut myself some slack, give myself a break, and take a nap on company time. Or catch up on my telenovelas. Or get out in the yard and pull those weeds before it gets any worse out there.

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