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Saturday, June 1, 2002

Once upon a long time ago, I could get three or four things done in one day. In fact, I could do three or four things at one time. At least, I think I could do that. I don't seem to remember anything more challenging than walking and chewing gum, and I suppose I could still do that if I'd a mind to. I think I can still tune the radio while driving, although that's no longer necessary. Preset buttons, you know (and I only use three out of eighteen anyway).

Ah, but it's all so different now. On a day like today, when I spent a couple of hours pulling weeds, I go on as if that were accomplishment enough. There's so much else that needs to be done, from swabbing out the bathroom to straightening the clutter in the loft, but they will wait for another day. And there's filing, but ugh! That'll wait till the fifth Friday in February.

When I say that I worked in the yard for a couple of hours, that's two sessions, one this morning and one this afternoon, of about an hour each, plus several hours afterward to recover. It takes me almost as long to pull all the stickers out of my socks and shoes (and hair) as it does to wear myself out tromping through the weeds. And the itching never completely goes away. I could never do dishes or dust while I itch this much.

Why, it's barely within me to write a halfway coherent journal entry. Obviously. Especially since I have to "redesign" the site for June. That's pretty much a joke, because all I do is change background colors and tape up a new photo on the fridge. I started doing all this with the goal of learning more HTML, but after two and a half years (almost), I do less "design" than I did when I started. Another one of the many ways I don't spend my time.

dying birch

All that green makes the top of the dead birch tree stand out.

Soccer. That's what we call it here, because we have another sport we call football, and it's nothing like soccer. Kids play soccer here. We have a professional league, but it's not one of the "major" sports. It's a fringe sport, like synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics. So it's okay that the World Cup games are on TV in the middle of the night. They get about the same ratings then that they would in prime time.

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