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Friday, July 20, 2007

In retrospect, I think itís just barely possible that the meal I cooked last night was meant for two people. Nevertheless, I managed to scarf it all down at one sitting, all of the pan-seared scallops and all of the creamy mashed potatoes, all by myself. I downloaded the recipe after watching Emeril cook it last week. It looked good, and it looked easy, and it was both, but very, very filling. Maybe a cup and a half of potatoes is more than one person needs. Not to mention a dozen large sea scallops.

So I still havenít used the sleek new microwave I rushed out and bought a couple of days ago. I did use the kitchen timer feature of it, and I have to say the beeping alarm is much better than the one on the old microwave. And by better, I mean louder. I would set the old timer, walk away, and then never hear it go off. I wonít have that problem any more.

The night before I rushed out and bought the new microwave, I was making some popcorn in the old one when I saw what looked like a spark. Then the whole machine started to vibrate and hum loudly. As soon as I felt safe enough to get close, I turned the thing off. I waited a minute or two, just to be sure, and unplugged it. I waited at least another hour before opening the door and disposing of the unpopped popcorn bag.

I did some online research and made what I think is a pretty good purchase, although the inside isnít as big as the old one (or as big as I thought). But since I use it so infrequently, except to heat water for herbal tea, and once in a great while for popcorn or to defrost something, it doesnít need to have a huge capacity. It just needs to not explode on me.

17 July 2007

Cloud pattern over my house.

Itís been a busy week, mostly because I wanted to get as much work done as possible so that I donít have to work Saturday and Sunday. My plan, as Iíve been telling everyone who will listen, is to read the new (and final) Harry Potter book straight through, stopping only for naps. (I wonít even have to stop for the Galaxy-Chelsea game, now that I know Beckham is out. And Bonds isnít playing tomorrow, so I can miss the Giantsí game.) Well, naps and other bodily necessities, like eating and such. And all this assumes that the book is delivered on time and as promised, but the last one was here before I even got up that morning, so Iím not worried. A little worried, maybe, but thatís just who I am.

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