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Monday, July 16, 2007

Itís hard for me to get inside the mind of someone who lacks empathy. It just seems so arrogant to stomp through life putting your brand on anyone and anything that gets in your way, without taking the time to feel what the other person feels. You have to have blinders on to be that self-centered, and I donít get it. Itís true, though. I have no empathy for those who have no empathy.

Canít people (like, say, Tim, just to give a random example) see what toll their attitude takes on the people around them? Someone who demands his own way all the time leaves a wide swath of misery behind him, and probably ends up getting what he deserves.

I know for a fact that Tim has driven away a lot of people who could have made him a happier person. Iíve met some of the girlfriends who have given up on him because he asked more of them than he did of himself. I know his mother is a good and decent person, but he wonít have anything to do with her because of something he canít even remember. Thatís so stupid and self-destructive that itís beyond my poor power to assimilate. I couldnít live that way.

Itís pathological, isnít it? It might help me understand if I knew there was something clinically wrong with a person like that. Maybe medication can keep him from spreading misery. He canít be a happy person. I can tell by the way he freely tells me whatís wrong with every other person in the world. I can tell by watching him demean and belittle and roll over people who step the merest inch out of line, if the line is a line that heís drawn for them to walk. The trouble is, you never know when heís moved the line, until he lays into you for making a misstep.

15 July 2007

The birdbath.

I guess I just donít understand why people think they own the world, and everyone else is a minor character in the play theyíre starring in. Itís a good thing not everyone acts that way, though, because this is a pretty small planet already, and getting smaller all the time. There isnít enough space for everyone to be King Kong. What is he going to do when there are no more villagers left to trample?

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