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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Itís easy to say ďminor complicationsĒ when itís somebody elseís body youíre talking about. So Iím going to say it, but you have to know that I donít think thereís anything ďminorĒ about it when it comes to Tammyís pregnancy. What I do know is that Tammy is healthy and Kylie is healthy. But because of minor complications, Tammy is on bed rest for at least the next two weeks.

You know what that means, donít you? Sheís booooooored! And this is only the second day. Apparently to Tammy, ďbed restĒ means itís okay to get in the car and drive to Starbucks, as long as you go through the drive-through. What weíre trying to do is keep Kylie from being born too early. Tammy has an investment in that hope, not just to let the babyís lungs keep developing, but also because she already has three kids and is not quite ready for four. Not just yet, anyway.

So weíll be watching over her for as long as it takes. And weíll be trying to keep her from getting bored. Sitting around the house doesnít come naturally to her, the way it does to me. Iíd trade places if I could, and then Iíd sit and read for two weeks. Since thatís not an option, Iíll be looking for things on TV to record for her. With 200 satellite channels, I ought to be able to keep her occupied.

The problem with that is that her tastes are so totally different from mine. I was looking through my DVDs today, and out of all the movies I have, I couldnít find more than a couple I thought sheíd like. Some of the ones I love I donít want to inflict on her, because I know she wonít love them the way I do. (And frankly, I donít want to hear about it.)

Itíll all work out, Iím sure. Sheís having Kylieís baby shower tomorrow, so there will be a lot of people to watch her and to get her used to having people do things for her. Itís not a serious health issue at this point, because chances are that if she follows orders everything will go well for the rest of the pregnancy. Itís against her nature to sit still, but the motivation is high because the stakes are high.

28 July 2005

The youngest (for now) and the oldest (forever).

And of course weíll be helping out with the kids as much as possible. Suzanne will take most of the burden (if thatís what you want to call it), but the rest of us will fill in whenever we can. I intend to let the Boss know that if Iím needed, my priority is my niece and my future great-niece. Heís a softy when it comes to family matters, so I donít expect any problems there. Itís one of his better qualities, actually.

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Two of the best pitchers in the National League went head-to-head tonight. Unfortunately, only one of them pitched like it, and it wasnít the Giantsí Jason Schmidt. Schmidt had a one-hitter going until the Brewers exploded for three runs in the sixth. They kept scoring after he left the game and won, 7-1, behind their ace Ben Sheets. The Giants had won eleven straight games in Milwaukee, until tonightís fiasco.

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