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Friday, July 29, 2005

Itís amazing how much I can get done once the pressure is off. With all deadlines met, I got down to business today and picked up some of the parts and pieces that Iíd let go for most of the month. Why, I even did something that wasnít on my to-do list! Itís not often Iíll even think of something that falls into that category, let alone waste time doing something I canít cross off.

The other extraordinary event today was how close I came to asking for a raise. I danced around it without coming out and saying it, so itís likely the message didnít get across. I simply told Tim that Iíd like to have the time cards as soon as possible so that I could do payroll early, because Iím flat broke.

Itís a slight exaggeration, since I had enough to go out for coffee this morning. But I wouldnít want to set foot in the grocery store, because I wouldnít get very far. An aisle and a half, maybe, if that. If I canít buy cookies and ice cream, why in the world would I want to go shopping?

But I think Tim was sympathetic, so maybe word will get back to the Boss that a vital rung on the corporate ladder has a bit of a squeak in it. Gimme some oil, eh? (Not that Iím asking, but read the signs, will ya?)

28 July 2005

Dakota, checking out the world outside.

I thought I might take the weekend off, but that wonít happen. Most of what Iíll be working on will be routine stuff, and itíll be easy, but Iím so far behind on it that Iím stressing over it anyway. Once I get through it, Iíll finally be breathing more easily. Or maybe not. Chances are some other ogre will come along to take its place.

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It looked good for the Giants in the first inning, when Moises Alouís homer gave them a 2-0 lead. But that was their only hit until the seventh inning, by which time they trailed, 5-2. Instead of the typical collapse, though, they rallied for a five-run eighth, then held on to beat the Brewers, 7-6. No matter how messy the game is or what the quality of the opponent is, itís always good to get a win. With two days left before the trade deadline, we still donít know if the Giants are buyers or sellers on this yearís market. If it were up to me, theyíd stay out of the player auctions and see what they could do with the rest of the season. No one player is going to make the difference for them, but losing someone could deprive them of whatever chance they still have to make something out of this season.

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