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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

I might have seen the white light the night before last, but by today it had flickered out. I guess that means Iíll be around a while longer, but it gave me some incentive to follow up on the new health insurance plan.

And if I didnít have enough incentive on my own, I got more in the form of a call from the pregnant wife of one of our employees. She wanted to know why the Big HMO didnít know who she was when she called for an appointment. I had to tell her I didnít know, because I was told we were approved as of last Friday. But I told her Iíd find out and get some action.

Iím not much on getting action, but we do have an insurance agency that depends on us for a good chunk of business, so I donít mind calling them and asking for favors. I told them about the expectant mother waiting for an appointment, but I didnít mention that I was at the reaperís elbow all night two days ago. I paid into the old policy for fifteen years and went to the doctor a handful of times. I plan to get my moneyís worth out of this new policy.

The employeeís wife kept calling me, and I kept calling the agent, and the agent kept calling the Big HMO. By the end of the day the complaints had stopped going up the food chain, and the good news was coming down in the other direction. We are covered. Weíll get our little plastic cards in 30 days, but weíre in the system and should any of us have a night when weíre thisclose to a one-way ticket to Worm City, at least we have a number we can call.

4 July 2005

Summer foliage.

In case you were wondering, Iím still alive. I had a better night last night than the night before, and I had power (and water) all day today. I thought I could help myself breathe better by sleeping in a sitting position in the recliner, but that didnít work. In the end I needed to stretch out in bed and hope. I still had a hard time breathing, and I still woke up once every hour, but I made it through. I have the number of the Big HMO next to the phone now, though, just in case.

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The Reds didnít do much to earn their 7-4 win over the Giants tonight except that they kept beating out the back ends of double plays (at least according to the nearsighted first base umpire). Sometimes all the breaks fall in one direction, thatís all. It evens out, sooner or later. It might take a few seasons, but it evens out.

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