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Friday, January 16, 2009

So now January is half over, right? And am I halfway to the end of what I have to do by the end of January? Hardly. I havenít made much of a dent, and today was dedicated to the Kennel billings, something I do at the middle of each and every month, and balancing the December bank statement, which is a challenge in the best of times and a real headache when something doesnít come out right. I had a little of that today — not enough to keep me from finishing, but enough to keep me from starting on much of anything else.

Tonight instead of was watching Swing Vote I guess I could have got started on the W-2s. People are waiting for them, or at least I assume they are. I havenít had any complaints yet. But I wanted to watch this movie because (a) I expected to hate it, and (2) I wanted to mail it back tomorrow for something better. I didnít exactly hate it, after about the first hour or so. I kept wincing at the awkward notes the political part of the movie hit and asking myself what possessed me to rent it.

Thereís a neat little film in there somewhere, but itís all about Kevin Costner and Madeline Carroll, who play father and daughter. He is better than Iíve seen him in a long time, and she is amazing. Thereís something magical about the relationship, except when the political hooey gets in the way. But that hooey was the movie the filmmakers wanted to make, and they got pretty much what they deserved. It tanked at the box office and looks pretty good on the small screen, where it belongs, as long as you can get up and walk around during the painful parts.

14 January 2009

Clouds streaking in.

So Iíll get to the W-2s tomorrow, and possibly the 1099s as well. And maybe Iíll even get a chance to do some reading. With all thatís gone on during the holidays and then this busy month, I havenít had as much of a chance to sit with my Kindle as Iíd like. I read the Chronicle and Salon every day, but Iím still in the middle of two of the books I mentioned last month. I did finish the other one, but I also started rereading Wuthering Heights, since PBS is showing a new version of it starting this weekend.

It seems I keep putting up obstacles that keep me from getting where I want to go, whether itís my job or my reading goals. Itís a good thing itís January, and thereís a whole year (less half a month) out in front of me. And itís a good thing the goals I have are as pointless, in the long run, as the obstacles I put up.

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