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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I donít know why I canít do my job as efficiently as I cook. Maybe itís because Iím good at my job, but just kind of mediocre as a cook. More likely itís because I enjoy cooking more than typing and filing. But I donít find the part where I have to clean up the mess Iíve made in the kitchen to be very inspiring, and yet I do it without fail. In fact, I do as much cleanup as possible as I go along. That contrasts pretty strongly with the way I procrastinate to the last minute every part of my job that I possibly can.

Anyway, tonight for the second time in less than a week I made a Southern dish with chicken and rice. This one was more complicated than the gumbo, but still all done in one skillet. There was way more prep for the Creole Chicken Fricassee I made tonight, and way more to do afterward to get the kitchen back in shape, but it was worth it. And the rice was better, too, because I used fresh white rice instead of stale brown.

16 January 2008

Gourmet rocket science it's not.

Tonight, an hour after Iíd eaten, that electric skillet was clean and put away, along with all the other dishes and utensils I used (and there were a lot, more even than I really needed, but thatís how I cook). All the leftovers were portioned out and refrigerated, and all that was left was the aroma filling the house. And yet, three of the four items that Iíd marked as ďurgentĒ on todayís to-do list remain undone. And they might not get done tomorrow, either, because theyíre not that urgent. I mean not urgent like chopping onions and mincing garlic seemed a few hours ago.

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