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Friday, January 9, 2009

As much as Iíve allowed myself to be stressed out during the first week of the new year, things arenít nearly as bad yet as they will be later in the month. Thatís a wonderfully comforting thought, isnít it? Iíll pay later on for any time I waste now, but why shouldnít I take it as easy as possible while I can? A rough patch is coming, and thereís only so much I can do to smooth the way. Maybe itís a better idea to store up my resources by chilling out.

The mini-vacation I planned for myself today didnít work out as Iíd hoped, though. I made the appointment at the Saturn dealer for mid-morning and took my Kindle with me, prepared to sit and wait and read for a couple of uninterrupted hours away from the awful phone. Sadly, it only took them about forty minutes to service and smog my car, and I was back on the road. Which meant, back home. And back to work.

And I probably should have engaged the other people in the waiting room anyway, rather than burying myself in the Kindle. They were certainly a chatty bunch, and Iím sure they would have been fun to talk to. Plus, they were all even older than I am, which is always nice. It makes me feel as if there might be some good years ahead of me after all.

8 January 2009

Horizon clouds.

Anyway, my car passed the smog check, and now I can renew my license, which expires in a week. The reason I get the smog certification done at the dealer, which charges more than your average station for the same service, is that the company pays for any work I have done there. The other reason is that every time I go in there, they wash the car before I leave, and boy, did it need it. Even though there hasnít been a lot of rain, thereís been just enough to keep my driveway constantly muddy for the last month or more.

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