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Sunday, January 9, 2005

You have your immediate families and your extended families, but what we have is something sort of in between. We have an immediate extended family, and all ten of us descended upon a family restaurant (okay, it was Applebeeís) to celebrate the anniversary of the wedding that took place a year ago tomorrow.

Yes, itís been a year since Tammy and David got married. And D.J. and Dakota and Aiden, too, since all three of them were there, in one form or another. Thatís five right there, half of our i-e-fam. Then you have John and Suzanne, the parents/grandparents, Mom the great grandmother, and Eric and I, the two perfect uncles. Now thatís a family to make people turn their heads.

And they did. D.J. was in rare form, Dakota was fascinated by everything around (including the other family, much less interesting, in the next booth), and Aiden was, well, Aiden. He canít go anywhere with charming the socks off everyone who sees him. I only wish Iíd taken a picture of him sucking on a lemon. He loved it! Right up until the moment he started hating it, and then it was lights out (for about eight seconds, just long enough for him to find his dazzling smile again).

The adults were fine, too, just not as interesting. We are too old to tell kindergarten jokes at full volume (though not to old to laugh at them, or to help the actual kindergartener color in his Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer coloring book). But we enjoy each otherís company, and we all remember the days when we werenít too old. Some things must give way to the next generation, and boy are they ever ready to take over.

3 January 2005


I nearly didnít make it to dinner. I had one of those bad nights last night, and I almost felt sick today. Iím sure itís stress and fatigue, a couple more marks against me in the age column. The kids get tired, but they just go ahead and sleep. And whatever stress they feel is gone quickly, because they tend to live in the moment. As we all should, I suppose, as much as possible.

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After two outstanding NFL playoff games yesterday, the two today werenít even interesting, much less close or competitive. We figured that was at least part of the reason that everyone was out today. The stores were crowded, and the restaurant was packed. We got there just in time for the last table for ten. Another reason might be that storms had been predicted for today, but the sun came out and there werenít much more than a few drops of rain. Unexpected spring weather in the dead of winter gets Californians out and about better than anything.

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