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Sunday, January 15, 2006

The fact that I could hardly drag my body out of bed this morning tells me one of two things. Either I overdid it yesterday and wore myself out, or I donít get out enough to keep myself in shape. Hmmm. Maybe it tells me both at the same time.

I donít ever regret anything I do, especially where the family is involved. In fact, I often regret things I donít do (especially where the family is involved). So Iím never going to complain about being overextended, except at work, where overextended is the default condition. I might complain about creaky bones once in a while, though.

15 January 2006

Making Sunday morning go down easier.

With all that being said, this was a good Sunday. There was football, and the football was good (to radically paraphrase some book I read once). I got a lot of Mondayís work done a day ahead of time (which is good, considering that Monday is supposed to be a holiday). And I gave myself a break on everything else. I didnít let the outside world in, so I didnít have to worry about it. Thatís not something I can do every day, but Sunday seems to be a day when it works out for me.

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Kylie is of course a Steelers fan, but she was entertained by the Colts most of this season (the part of the season after she was born, that is). I think it was the no-huddle offense that fascinated her, probably because there was less down time in their games. But the Colts took most of the game to get it going today against the unrelenting Steelers, and it was too little and too late. The 21-18 loss bounced the Colts, who a month ago had designs on an undefeated season, out of the playoffs. The Steelers will move on, as will the Panthers, who have now beaten teams from the nationís top two cities, New York and Chicago, in consecutive weeks. That canít make the TV execs and NFL powers very happy, but too bad. The Panthers earned every bit of their 29-21 win over the Bears, and might have even made a believer out of Kylie (though she doubts they can win in noisy Seattle without DeShaun Foster, whose broken ankle will most likely keep him from playing next week).

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