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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Be careful what you wish for, because you might find yourself working so conscientiously all day Saturday that you completely forget there are playoff games that youíre missing. Somehow I remembered and tuned in just in time to bring the Steelers back from the dead against the Jets. But it was too close for comfort.

Iím borderline stupefied over how much I got done today. Itís almost as impressive a list as how much I have left to do. Plus, I get to think about it all week, to kind of bask in the glow. When Iím tempted to take a little break when I should be working, I can always say, ďLook at how much I got done Saturday!Ē

Of course, I can only say that to myself, because nobody else knows. They shouldnít know, either, because how I arrange my time is my own business. I donít want anyone wondering if Iím wasting company time. As long as the work gets done, nobody needs to be questioning me on a minute-to-minute basis, or even day-to-day.

That assumes that the work will get done, more or less on time and as correctly as necessary. Perfection is another goal not worth pursuing. Itís a red flag. Once youíre known for straight Aís, people start thinking thereís something wrong with Bís and Cís. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that there are more important things than a 4.0 average. Especially when youíre 55 years old and trying to live life a little more freely and openly than you did in high school.

29 December 2004

Clouds moving in.

If only they knew that the day I can sleep late is the day I get the most work done. Then they wouldnít make me keep regular hours during the week at all. Iíd have total freedom, instead of this bogus version where I have to be ďavailableĒ all day. It would work, but no one has the imagination to put it into action, and I donít have the courage to press the issue. So I make inroads here and there. Every time I spend an hour on a weekday reading from a novel, thatís an inroad. More inroads are in my future, I can just feel it.

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Itís not that I have anything against the Jets, but the Steelers are such a great story. Unheralded rookie quarterback confounding every defense he plays against. Ancient running back, formerly shunned and now a hero. A near-perfect 15-1 record during the season, including upset wins over what had been considered the elite teams in the league. And now the Steelers are the elite team (although possibly not for much longer, considering how they played today).

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