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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

ďI hate January. Thereís nothing good about it. The weather sucks, thereís too much to do in too little time, and every time the phone rings itís somebody wanting something from me. What do you want?Ē

Thatís what I said to Tim this afternoon, and it made him laugh. I was serious, but I didnít mind being laughed at. Itís better than having him tell me what he really thinks of me, which I donít want to hear. Iíd rather live under the carefully cultivated illusion that my contribution is highly valued. They tell me that often enough that I probably should believe it.

He didnít want anything from me, he said. He just wanted to ask a question. (ďJust a question.Ē As if that isnít wanting something.) And he proceeded to grill me about spreadsheets I havenít had a chance to finish yet, with comments so far out of left field that I just stood there with the phone in my hand and my jaw clanging on the floor. I so want to tell him to ask someone who knows what theyíre talking about, but that might blow my cover.

Itís not that I mind answering legitimate questions. But both Tim and the Boss have a skewed idea of whatís important, and some of their questions arenít just out of left field, but out of the parking lot across the street from the ballpark. They can be amusing when I have time to think about it. Otherwise? Just annoying.

11 January 2006

Dragon attack.

What these people donít know, or donít realize, is that every time they call and ask me how things are coming along, or when I think Iíll have something ready for them to look at, it stops me in my tracks, and it takes a whole lot more energy to get started again than it would have taken to keep going.

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Did anybody connected with the Green Bay Packers actually see the 49ers play this past season? I ask because apparently the 49ersí offensive coordinator, Mike McCarthy, is about to be hired as the Packersí new head coach. Maybe itís the similarity in how the two offenses performed that is attracting the Packers attention. Lots of interceptions, lots of sacks, lots of missed opportunities. But if thatís what the Packers want, why change coaches? They had a pretty good thing going already. Both teams finished 4-12, one with a young quarterback who has a lot of potential and the other with an old quarterback who has made a lot of history. Neither team was bad enough to get one of the top four draft choices, so the best they can hope for is a little improvement. Thatís a dangerous position for a new head coach to be in.

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