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Sunday, January 11, 2004

I'm not sure how Tammy and David and Suzanne and John can still be walking upright and speaking in complete sentences. Even though I was just a bit player in this whole wedding extravaganza, it all caught up with me today. I was so wound up last night that I never got into a sound sleep. I finally got out of bed for good a little before five this morning. And, as you might imagine, I've been droopy-eyed and dragging all day long.

A lot of vivid memories from yesterday will live in my heart forever. David's face as he watched Tammy walk down the aisle with D.J. The three of them lighting the unity candle. The speeches. The dancing. The food. Dakota bounding down the stairs, counting them off: "One. Two Three. Four. Five. Fourteen!" I think that now, after all the stress and hard work, those who were responsible for the big day can finally say it was worth it.

The stress in my case came from my desire not to mess anything up and distract (or detract) from the principals. I retied my necktie three times before I even left the house yesterday. I obsessed about the bulge the camera made in my jacket pocket. I shaved with extra care, just so nobody would have to ask me about all those cuts on my face.

A dense fog hovered over the roadway as I was driving home last night, but I drove even more carefully than usual. I mean, I want everyone to remember January 10 as Tammy and David's anniversary, not the day Uncle Mike wrapped his Saturn around a utility pole. I know, but that's how a person who makes a career out of worrying turns their big day into my cold sweat. But it worked out, so that was worth it, too.

10 January 2004

The first dance: Tammy, David and D.J.

Today some of us gathered at Tammy and David's house for brunch and to watch them open their gifts. I was exhausted, but I managed to overcome it for those few hours. I couldn't have been any more tired than anyone else, after all. They got many of the items on their wedding registry, most of those they really wanted, with few duplicates. Plus, there were some surprises. When I left they were reorganizing their kitchen cabinets with all the new stuff they got.

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Within the next few days I'll have a sort of makeshift photo album of wedding pictures, such as they are. Quality, not so good. Subjects, very good. It balances out, more or less. (And I was right when I said the D.J.'s photos are better than mine. Wait until you see them!)

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