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Monday, January 10, 2005

My to-do list for this week is so long I had to add another column and condense some of the tasks. Instead of separate items for cleaning each room of the house, I have just one general ďclean desk-kitchen-bathroom-bedroom-loft-and while youíre at it vacuumĒ item.

Thatís a big joke, of course, because Iím not even close to getting to any of those things. Iím lucky if I remember to do laundry often enough to keep clean underwear in the drawer these days. Simple maintenance, especially of the house, is just too low a priority. The only reason I keep it on the list is so that I can carry it over from week to week. That way, when the list gets shorter and I have more time, I wonít have completely forgotten about it.

Last night I went to bed at 10 pm. Tonight I worked until 8 pm and then realized I hadnít eaten anything all day, so thereís no way Iím going to get that much sleep again. It never works two nights in a row anyway. If Iím asleep early one night, you can bet that Iíll be up late the next.

I could tell you exactly what I did all day, but then Iíd have to revive you. Letís just say that working as late as I did was the only way to feel as if Iíd accomplished anything at all, despite the fact that I was busy all day without stopping. I had so many things thrown at me from afar that I couldnít cross anything off my list until way past the usual hour. And as we all know, the only reason to make a to-do list is so we can cross things off it.

29 December 2004


If in any of this you find a hint as to why my Christmas decorations are still up, then you have understood me perfectly. I feel a little embarrassed (though not much) that I have Santa ho-ho-ing at me from all corners, and itís almost halfway through January. Iím pretty sure heíll be back where he belongs by February.

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Since I saw the Broadway musical ďWickedĒ in previews in San Francisco, long before it became a Tony award winner, I feel a sort of proprietary interest in the misfortune of its star, Idina Menzel, who portrays (or rather, portrayed) the wicked witch Elphaba herself. She fell through a trap door during the Saturday matinee and was carted away in an ambulance, green makeup and all. ďI melted and melted,Ē she said yesterday, in a special appearance on stage at what was to have been her final performance. She appeared, bandaged and in pain, in a track suit, and was given a standing ovation. Sheís leaving the show to appear in the movie version of ďRent.Ē

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