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Saturday, February 28, 2009

As dedicated as I am to staying out of the maelstrom of life on the weekends, somehow itís not so bad when Iím taking Mom shopping, instead of going for myself. I wouldnít choose to go to the supermarket on a Saturday, but I didnít mind when Mom wanted to go today. I donít know why that is, exactly. It could be that I enjoy her company, but somehow it seems less a burden when Iím doing it for her.

She had a pretty sizable list, too. We went to the market on her side of town, which is bigger than the one I usually go to, so I picked up a few things that my store hasnít had lately. I would go to this bigger store more often, except that my bank is in the market where I go. They know me there, and they donít flinch when Iím trying to deposit five-figure checks into the company account. Whenever I try to use another branch of the bank (and there is one inside Momís store), they always give me grief. I donít need any more grief than I can manufacture for myself, thank you very much.

26 February 2009

Cloud-filled sky.

I canít say that I enjoy the traffic on Saturday, though. Itís not just that thereís too much of it, but that too many people are in too much of a hurry, and they donít seem to have any idea that there are other cars on the road. I was nearly cut off a couple of times on my way to pick up Mom, and those other drivers still donít know how much they owe me for my vigilance. I guess there are two kinds of drivers: the idiots who donít know where theyíre going, and the rest of us, who expend a lot of energy watching out for group one, and keeping them out of trouble.

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