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Saturday, February 28, 2004

Since I'm not all that pleased with myself today, I'll just pass on other people's good news.

First of all, there's a new baby in the family. No, not that one. In fact, he's not exactly a member of the immediate family of people related to me by blood, but of the proximate family related by longtime friendship and shared interests and children growing up together. That kind of family. Anyway: new baby, congratulations to all concerned.

Also, there's a new house in the family. Tammy and David have found a duplex to rent, with three bedrooms to accommodate their expanding situation. And it's right here in Santa Rosa, so it's within a short drive of all of us (except Eric, who's still in Rohnert Park but who drives here to school four days a week (and to do laundry the other three, I think)).

So that's good, right? D.J. and Dakota will have a big back yard to romp in. That makes the possibilities for D.J.'s birthday present (he'll be five in a little over a week) a little broader and more interesting. I have something for him, but it's an indoor thing, and I think he needs outdoor stuff now, too. Really it's just an excuse for a trip to the toy store, and any excuse is good enough for me.

Mom and Sammy are doing well. Life goes on, smiles all around. Sure, I had a sucky day, but I worked four hours and got four hours worth of work done, so I shouldn't complain. The green beans came out perfectly, and the leftovers were (as usual) better than they were the first day (and for once they were pretty good the first day). I kind of wish I'd had a chance to—

Oh, never mind. But I do wish I'd taken the time to wash my car today. It's filthy from driving through the mud and splashing through the deep puddles in my very own driveway. It really looks bad, and there was enough sun today that I could have taken care of it. It might be my last chance, weather-wise, for a while. Oh well.

21 February 2004

Clouds at sunset.

I kind of wish I hadn't bothered to shave today, because I never left the house. That helped me keep working, but the real reason was that I don't like to drive around with one of my turn signal lights out. I think I can replace it, but I haven't taken the time to get the part yet. That's actually the main reason I'm feeling low today. Lame, I know, but that's how it is. My car isn't in perfect condition, so I sit and moan. Well, any excuse, right?

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I forgot to mention that I voted the other day, and I voted my conscience in the Democratic presidential primary. I think I always intended to vote for Dennis Kucinich, because he comes closest to representing my views. And that was before the latest debate, where both Kerry and Edwards said they were against gay marriage. When the heat is on, the frontrunners play the safest card. I don't see much social progress happening under guys like that.

I voted yes on the school bonds (Proposition 55) because there are children in my very own family who are in the public school system, and it needs help. Besides, I've never met a school bond I didn't like. I voted for the 55% majority (Prop 56) because I don't believe in Proposition 13 and I've voted for every measure that would undercut it since it was first passed.

And I voted against the two Arnold measures (Props 57 and 58) because they're more about politics than sound fiscal policy. They come with ultimatums and doomsday warnings attached, and I don't appreciate those kinds of tactics. Let the governor and the legislature do their jobs without these artificial props.

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