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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Wait a minute, it's still February? Will the madness never end? What is this, the longest month of the year?

It arrived with high hopes and exalted expectations, but look at the wreckage now. If it's sticking around one more day to try to clean up its own mess, one can only laugh. It'll take at least a month. Let's just call it March and be done with it.

Today was pretty much the same as yesterday, including working myself into a gnarled hunchback. I did sneak in a study session with Suzanne, so it wasn't the same uninterrupted drudgery. I did get out of the house, at least.

Oh yeah, and I also dismantled my car.

I wanted to replace the malfunctioning turn blinker so badly that I tried to do it myself. I think I would have succeeded, too, if I'd had the right part. The 49-cent bulb I bought at Long's Drugs apparently isn't good enough for my Saturn. I know for sure it isn't complicated enough.

It looks like a regular bulb, with contacts on the end. The one I took out of the socket in the car has wires and prongs and a molded plastic assemblage that I haven't seen in any of the stores I've looked in. (Plus, it's now in two pieces, since I broke it trying to remove it "gently," per the instructions in the manual.) I guess a trip to the auto parts place is next.

At least I'm no worse off than I was before. It didn't work, and now it's not even there. It was kind of an adventure taking the headlight assembly apart, unscrewing different kinds of caps and covers, and disconnecting the electrical wires. I'm pretty sure I got everything back where it was (except the broken bulb, of course). It wasn't easy squeezing it all back together, but I did it without breaking anything (else).

23 February 2004

Patch of blue.

And now I have something to show the guy in the auto parts store, in case I can't find the right one myself. I'll tell him I want one just like the one I'm holding, except in one piece instead of two or three. I don't speak mechanic, but even if I have to sign it I think I can get the message across. Props are always helpful.

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Gee, the Oscar voters showed a lot of imagination, didn't they? The most suspense all night was seeing whether Badger made it home. I'm sure some of the eleven awards for one movie were for the trilogy as a whole, and the trilogy as a whole deserves historic recognition. But that song? I love Annie Lennox, but that song? Come on. "A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow" was the only memorable song nominated this year, and A Mighty Wind deserved an Oscar.

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"My mind works better when it works lineally,when it can go from point A to point B and then to point C. If it has to make a detour to point X and a pit stop in point Y and then take a six-month sabbatical on the Isle of Z,it gets jet lag."

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Here in California,
The fruit hangs heavy on the vine.
There's no gold
(I thought I'd warn ya),
And the hills turn brown in the summertime.