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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The best part of spending half my Saturday working isnít, strangely enough, the fact that I got a pile of work done. Thatís the reason I do it, but it isnít the reason this was a good Saturday. The best part of working away half of a Saturday is that it makes the other half that much sweeter.

And what, you wonder, did I do with the other half of my Saturday? Well, obviously I spent a chunk of it sleeping in this morning, a little later than I can on a weekday. Saturday is a day of rest for me. Sunday is a day of sloth and lethargy, which isnít nearly as satisfying. Sunday also comes with the menacing shadow of Monday lurking over it. Not a pretty sight.

The rest of my day was even better. I met Suzanne for coffee at noon, and she had Aiden and Kylie with her. Then Kat and Eric (and Alex, who goes wherever Kat goes for another month or so) joined us, and we had a rollicking good time. Well, it was fun for me, anyway.

And the kids seemed to be enjoying themselves, even though the barista forgot Kylieís hot chocolate. (I told her they were checking the naughty-and-nice list.) Aiden apparently won an award at school for having the cleanest desk (which is astonishing). Kylie also won something, but I couldnít quite figure out what it was for. Maybe just for being Kylie, which is what she does best.

Obviously, thereís a good chance I got some of that wrong. They talk so fast, and both at the same time, which makes every chorus sound like part of the same song. It was polyphonic and contrapuntal and at a pitch that kept getting higher and higher as they went along. There were times when they might have been speaking Albanian. All you can do is nod and smile and hope to catch the tone, if not the gist.

It helped immensely that the day turned warm and sunny after a gray and drizzly week. After my lie-in and the coffee interlude, I had a burst of energy, and the sunshine had something to do with that. Thatís when I got all that work done. That wasnít the best part of my day, but getting it done will make tomorrow a little better.

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