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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I heard one ďJust what I wanted!Ē tonight, and that made up for everything else. It was from D.J., who apparently really, really liked the Star Wars Lego set I gave him. The other children were equally appreciative, and they all expressed their gratitude with the proper amount of enthusiasm.

Dakota was anxious but patient as he waited for the first gift to be handed out. Kylie was just generally thrilled to be in the middle of all the excitement and commotion. And Aiden tried very hard to overcome his lack of sleep. It wasnít easy for him, but I have all the sympathy in the world for that situation. I tend to be a little whiny , too, when Iím overtired. Which is fairly often, come to think of it.

Today we all met at Suzanne and Johnís house for the first half of our Christmas celebration. Tammy and David and all four kids were there, along with Mom and Eric and me. The kids (and their parents) will wake up to another Christmas tomorrow morning, at their own house, and the rest of us will have another celebration of our own. Itís kind of confusing, but at some point during the two days, just about everyone in the family will see everyone else.

What matters is that the kids got all their presents from the rest of us today, and it was generally jolly, with a few minor glitches. Itís hard to expect everything to go perfectly when there are four children, all under ten, and a passel of adults, all trying to make things go well for everyone else. But in general it was a successful Christmas, part one. When you share children with another family, you canít expect the whole miracle to come together in the same place at the same time.

24 December 2008

Dakota, David and Aiden. (Click for more.)

Iím very pleased with the assortment of gifts I got, as I am with how the items I gave were received by everyone else. It was a joy to see the look on Kylieís face as she opened each package, and Aiden seemed genuinely happy with the cars and trucks I gave him. He is deeply into cars and trucks, almost as much as Dakota is into dragons and dinosaurs. Iím into photos and sweets and books and music and cooking, and I got presents related to all those interests and more, so I donít know how my Christmas could have been any better. And thereís still one day left!

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