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Monday, December 24, 2007

Santa worked longer hours than I did on Christmas Eve, but I think he gets a little time off now. I get one day, and then I have to figure out how to bring the year to a close in what little will be left of it afterward. That pressure is what kept me going until eight oíclock tonight. The only reason I didnít work even later was that I need some input from the Boss, and heís taking a few days off. (You heard me right.)

So Iíll have Wednesday to get all the questions I have ready to ask. Heíll be back Thursday, and then weíll have Friday to do what needs to be done. There are checks to be written and deposits to be made, and if we do any of it wrong, a lot of bad things could happen. We could have to pay more taxes than we need to, for one. Or we could start the new year without enough money to pay all the bills.

I donít think the Boss has actually thought through all the implications of his plans, which is why I need to talk to him. Which is why I had to stop working at eight tonight.

Tomorrow Iím not allowed to worry about all this, but Iíll be starting my worrying early on Boxing Day. Iím not sure what I can do that day, without the Boss, except to get all the reports in order so that he knows what weíre dealing with. If he understands the questions, maybe I can get clear answers, and maybe I can do whatís necessary in the precious little time that will be left. Our whole work crew is taking the week off, and good for them. I hope they enjoy it. I have one day to feel all merry and bright, and then itís back to the grind.

20 December 2007

Advancing clouds.

On the other hand, I suppose itís actually a good thing that I couldnít keep going tonight. It gave me a chance to stop and reflect and realize that thereís more to life than my job. Oh, Iím grateful for the job, but it wouldnít be worth doing if I didnít have all the things Iíll be enjoying tomorrow. Without family and friends and laughter, whatís the point?

We give up a lot to get what we need in order to enjoy the good things, and we work just as hard (or should, anyway) to make sure our relationships stay strong. Iím not sure one day can make all the backaches and heartaches worthwhile, but my wish for me, and for you, is that this one day reminds us what the long, long struggle is about. Letís be able to look back and say weíve gained more than weíve lost, in the grand scheme.

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