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Thursday, December 18, 2008

We have a lot of reasons to have the blues this Christmas, donít we? What with the economy cratering and all. Businesses are failing, plants are closing, people are being laid off, and with the old Congress still in session, thereís not much relief in sight. I guess they spent it all bailing out the banks, and then forgetting to see where our money went. The prospect of a year or two of recession before it starts to turn around is enough to make even Santaís heart to shrink two sizes too small.

We have reasons to be hopeful, too, though. Maybe more hopeful than weíve been in at least eight years. If recovery depends on an upbeat state of mind and a confidence in the future, then we gave ourselves a good early Christmas present in last monthís election. Thatís an awful burden to put on one person, but our next president has already given us an example of his skills, in his broad-based, inclusive, well-managed campaign. At least thatís something to hang our beat-up fedora on.

13 December 2008

Menacing sky.

Itís more or less like this every year at this time. Winter begins in a few days, and itís already cold and dark. Just looking out the window makes me feel kind of gloomy. But darkness is always followed by dawn. So far, every winter has melted into spring. Thereís no reason to think this year will be any different.

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