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Monday, December 1, 2008

Last night I finally hit rock bottom in this downward spiral of sleep deprivation. At least, I hope that was the bottom. It got worse during the holiday week, until I was at the point where I was finally falling asleep at about the time I should have been getting up. But the clincher was what happened Saturday.

All day Saturday Iíd been feeling even more sluggish than usual, and I kept falling asleep during the day. When the time came to retire for the night, I was still tired, but I didnít feel like going to bed. I came up with a premise that I believed to be true: that I could spend the whole night in the recliner and be just as refreshed the next morning as if Iíd slept in my own bed.

That turned out to be wrong. Thatís where rock bottom comes in, because all day Sunday I had no energy whatsoever, and all I wanted to do was sleep. Last night I was in bed hours earlier than usual. And when I did go to bed last night, the comforter was still turned down, just as it had been 24 hours earlier.

Sadly, a few extra hours of sleep hasnít solved my problem completely. Itís helped, but the Boss phoned early this morning when I wasnít ready to function yet. It was a Monday, though, and a day I couldnít give myself excuses. I had two full payroll runs to complete, because this was both a Monday and the first day of the month. I worked all day and well into the evening, and by this evening I was feeling more or less normal. Then an hour or so later I fell asleep in the recliner again.

Weíll just have to see how I sleep tonight, and how I feel tomorrow. Iím moderately hopeful about it, but not fully confident.

30 November 2008

Foggy morning.

Yesterday, in my weakened state, I finally broke down and turned the thermostat on the furnace up to nearly 70ļF. I simply got tired of freezing all the time, but I had to turn it back down again, because I started feeling hot and almost feverish. Now that the ice has been broken, though, I wonít hesitate to give myself as much heat as I need to get through the day without having to hide under that blanket I bought in Mexico five years ago.

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